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Professor Bhu Dev Sharma:

 Professor Sharma’s work can be classified in following four areas:

  • Teaching & Research in the field of Mathematics & Statistics

  • Academic pursuits in the field of Vedic/Indian Studies

  • Literary and editing work in Hindi and its promotion

  • Social activities.

He spent 29 years abroad, has been a Professor of Mathematics at Universities in USA and West Indies. He has also been President (equivalent to Vice-Chancellor in India) of a University in Orlando, Florida, USA. A Ph.D. from Delhi University he taught in the Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi, where he served for nearly 14 years, before going abroad.

He is past President of ‘Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics’ (FIM), Vice President of Calcutta Mathematical Society, Ramanujan Math Society, and ‘Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications’ (ADMA). Chairman, Managing Committee of ‘Center of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mathematics’ (CEIM).

Professor Sharma has received several awards and recognitions in India and abroad. He is widely traveled that would include Germany, several other countries of Europe, Brazil, Russia, and China. He organized several International Conferences on Math/Stat in India, USA, Europe, Australia, China and Australia. In the field of Mathematics, Professor Sharma published over 120 research papers, successfully guided 23 persons for Ph.D. in India and abroad, authored/co-authored 23 published books on Mathematics. He is the Chief Editor of a research journal for the last 36 years and is on the editorial boards of several research journals.

In the area of Vedic/Indian-Studies related Academic Activities, while in USA he founded ‘World Association for Vedic Studies’ having remained its Founder President (1996-2005), Currently, he is Chairman, Arsha Gyan-Vigyan Mission, Registered Society, Trustee, Surya Sansthan, Noida, Member, Governing Council, WAVES-India, President, 1991 - present: Hindu Educational & Religious Society of America, USA; Director, 1995 - 2004: Hindu University of America, Orlando, USA; In addition, he has been Regional Vice-President, 1997-2000: NFIA-National Federation of Indian-American Association Former President – Lokenath Divine Life Society, USA; Founder President, 1984-1987 – Bharatiya Association of the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago, Former National Representative: SIAA (Society of Indian Academics of America), USA, Member, Advisor Board: Swami Vivekanand International School, Boston, MA, USA, Former Chairman – Academic Affairs Standing Committee of Hindi Nidhi of Trinidad & Tobago;

  1. Edited – ‘Revisiting Indus-Sarasvati Civilization & Ancient India, a 504 page Proceeding of WAVES’ Atlanta conference 1996, containing 46 scholarly papers on Indus-Sarasvati Civilization, Vedas, Women, Indian Science, History, etc.

  2. Edited – ‘New Perspectives on Vedic and Ancient Indian Civilization, a 498 page Proceeding of WAVES’ Los Angeles Conference, 1998.

  3. Edited – ‘Contemporary Views on Indian Civilization’, an about 500 page Proceedings of WAVES’ Conference, held at Stevens’ Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, 2000.

  4. Organized six ‘International Conferences’ on Vedic/India Studies in USA – Atlanta (1996), Los Angeles (1998), Miami (FL, 1999), Hoboken (NJ, 2000), Dartmouth (MA, 2002), Washington (DC, 2004).

Professor Sharma has been active in literary field. While in Trinidad, he founded ‘Hindi Nidhi – Hindi Foundation of Trinidad & Tobago’, Instrumental in introducing teaching of Hindi in schools of Trinidad & Tobago; Instrumental in having a full three year Hindi program at the University of West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, While in USA, he was Editor-in-Chief of Vishva-Vivek, An International Hindi Magazine published from USA for 12 years;, wrote short-stories and essays, got ‘Best Editor-1996’ award for Editing ‘Vishva-Vivek of ‘International Art & Culture Society’ (India); Authored in 2005, “Adbhut Ganitagya: Srinivas Ramanujan – Jeevani Aivam Karya” (in Hindi) – Published by Prabhat Prakashan, New Delhi.

Professor Sharma got several awards: ‘Distinguished Academic Award For Excellent Work in Vedic Studies’(1998) of the ‘National Federation of Indian-American Association’, USA, ‘Distinguished Community Service (1998)Award’ of ‘Asia Pacific Society of Louisiana’ USA, ‘Hindi Samman’ (1999) by International Literary Society, New Delhi.; ‘Sarvopari Hindi Samman’(2000) by Several Literary Societies, Jabalpur, MP, India ‘Hindi Videsh Prasar Samman – 2001 (in 2003)’ by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, awarded on May 21, 2003 in Lucknow by the then Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee ; ‘Agastya Award’ (2007) of 'Mauritius Ramayan Centre', Mauritius; ‘Akshar Pravasi Hindi Seva Samman’(2008), New Delhi.

On social side, beside other things, Professor Sharma is Founder of ‘Janki Prasad Sharma Charitable Trust’, in India, and JP-SD International School, Bankpur, Dist Bijnor, UP, India.

Professor Som Datt Dikshit:


Professor Dikshit, with M.A. (Psychology) and M.A. (Economics) from Punjab University Chandigarh and M.Ed. from University of Delhi (1971), is presently Secretary General-cum-Director of ‘World Association of Value Education.’ He is a member of the UNESCO Group of International Expert for Peace Education through Teacher Education, working in India for programs in collaboration with National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). 

Professor Dikshit wrote two reports on ‘Empowerment of Women through Literacy Programs’ and ‘Retention of Literacy in the New Literates’

(for adult education, i.e. Praud Shiksha) for Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Govt. of India. He also coauthored 12 NCERT books – a series of 5 on ‘Safal Jeevan’ for Madhya Pradesh, another series of 5 on ‘Anmol Gahana’ for Haryana., and a book, ‘Young Readers’ Guide to India’ (jointly with Professor Moonis Raza, former VC of the University of Delhi).

Recently in 2011, he has authored 5 books for Indira Gandhi National Open University for a course on ‘Self Development’, one each devoted to Physical Development, Emotional Development, Social Development, Intellectual Development and Spiritual Development.

Professor Dikshit has translated some works from English to Hindi. These include two books, - ‘Total Quality Management’ (original by Prof. Murmur Mukhopadhya) and ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ published by National University of Education, Planning and Administration’ (NUEPA). Earlier he had translated in Hindi the ‘New Education Policy of 1986’ for Govt. of India that was placed before the Parliament.

Professor Dikshit has held several senior positions in Govt. of India. He served as ‘Director of Languages’ and ‘Director Central Hindi Directorate’ under MHRD, Govt. of India, as also ‘Director of Education and Director of Technical Education’ in Andman. He was Principal of ‘Tagore College of Education, Puducherry’ (1981-83); Secretary of ‘Central Sanskrit Board’. He has been the person who formulated ‘Navodaya Vidyalaya Scheme’ for the currently running over 600 ‘Navodaya Vidyalaya’, and several national and international scholarship schemes for Indians and foreigners.

His pioneering research areas include ‘Aptitude Testing’, ‘Clinical Study on Juvenile Delinquency’ and ‘Personality Development.’ He has remained involved in non-formal and formal education from the lowest to the highest positions. 

Professor Dikshit has traveled to over 30 countries including UK, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, and Egypt. At the Birmingham University, UK, he spent a year as a ‘Commonwealth Scholar’, and had training in ‘Youth and Community Service’ at the University of Sheffield, UK. He delivered keynote addresses at several universities, and world-conferences in India and abroad.

Shri Ishwar Dayal Kansal

Mr. Kansal is a philanthropist & society server and he is founder of “Sanskaram” a mission having the aim of transforming a man into good human being. This project is for character building and establishing the human values in the sub-conscious of the children in such a way that adherence of value would become part of their nature. He is also publishing a monthly family magazine “SANSKARAM” with the objective to inspire the family members to make harmonious and holistic environment in their family and positive attitude among the family members. Born in a Landlord and Zamidar Aggarwal family of Western Uttar Pradesh in the year 1945.

His Father Shri Chitrsen, although a big landlord, was a renowned religious person of Western U.P. He spent entire second half of his life in social and religious services like constructing Temples and Dharamshala for poor people for their free stay, running Nitya Annakshetra for serving free food to poor people, running free dispensary etc., all from his own funds and without taking any donation from third parties. After his MAHAPRAYAN in 1996. Kansal family under the aegis of Mr. Ishwar Dayal Kansal has continued these social and religious services.

Ishwar Dayal Kansal after doing the graduation, started his own business and set up a Marketing & Distribution house and marketed the products of Protein and Processes foods, Biscuits, milk products etc. in 1973. He upgraded his business line by getting the products manufactured in the brand name of his Company and marketed them. Later on he promoted a Public Limited Company as a joint venture with a multinational company for setting up a project of manufacturing Protein and Process foods. Besides this he was also in the business of Investment and Finance.

Presently Mr. Kansal is the Managing Director in a listed Public Limited Company namely Multimedia and Entertainment Limited having a paid up capital of Rs.20,00,00,000/-. He holds majority shares in the said company. Apart from this, he is director in many other Companies

Mr. Kansal and his family is of the firm belief that entire wealth on this earth belongs to the God, and we are only a medium to earn the wealth only for the purpose of utilising the same for the welfare of universe

  Professor Dharam Pal Maini :
Profssor Maini, a Ph.D. (1958, under Dr. Acharya Hazari Prasad Dwivedi of Banaras Hindu University), and later a D.Litt. (1973, on Culture, from Bhagalpur), has taught at Panjab University (Chandigarh), Guru Nanak Dev University (Amritsar), and at Kurukshatra University, for over 40 years.

He is a pioneer in his work and publications on ‘Human-Values’. HRD Ministry, Govt. of India appointed him as ‘Senior Fellow’ (1998-2000), and later (2001-2005) chief-editor of Five Volumes of ‘Encyclopedia of Human Values’ in Hindi with title ‘Maanav-Moolya-Parak Shabdaavalee kaa Vishva-Kosh’ and in six volume ‘Maanav-Moolya Vyaakhya Kosh.’ In fact he has authored 20 published books – 15 in Hindi and 5 in Punjabi.

Professor Maini has supervised Ph.D. theses of 62 (59 at PU, Chandigarh and 3 at GND Uni., Amritsar) students and dissertations of 30 M. Phil students mostly on varied aspects of Human Values.

Professor Maini has earned several honours and awards. In 2002 he was honoured by the President of India with ‘Subrahmanya Bharati Samman’, in 1967 he received ‘Shitaya Shiroman’; from Punjab Govt., and in 1992 ‘Sauhardya Samman; by UP Govt.. In addition, four-time he received ‘Utkrista Addhayap’ recognition at Punjab University, Chandigargh

Professor Maini has also participated in seminar at London University, UK, Queensland University, Australia and has participated in 2003 in the ‘Vishva Hindi Sammelan’ held in Surinaam . He lectured to students of Wisconsin University, USA on ‘Religion, Culture and Literature.’

Professor Maini has remained closely associated with academic activities of over 30 Indian universities, over 20 social organizations, spread up in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, and Himachal.

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