Selecting a Right life Partner

Selecting Right Life Partner

Sanskaram has been involved in organizing variety of programmes to transform humanity into an ideal platform for a long time. During this Course, we found dissolution of family ties, intolerance, restlessness, lack of mutual respect, disrespect and disregard and degradation of human values. During the course, we found not only the individuals and families are disintegrating but society as a whole and country large, is at great risk of annihilation. Since family is the core of existence of society, and matrimony is its foundation, whose quality enhancement is the aim of this Workshop.

To be choosing a right partner among boys and girls means. Whose matrimony establishes a beneficial effect to the society, where relations help each other's evolution, who can stood firm to witness the storms of life in their good and bad days. On crucial times, can become servant and master to each other, and who can stay together, to live together to produce ideal progeny for the upliftment of society. 

In this workshop following aspects are touched :-

·        In changing time how to choose a right partner?

·        How to cope up with emotions & traditions?

·        The safeguards you should take while choosing your life partner?

·        How to evaluate and match the harmonious individualities of life partners.

·        To suit the modern lifestyle and its priorities.

·        What will be ideal age of marriage?

·        How to find compatibility in one's thought processes?

·        What is the importance of education, money, profession, caste and creed etc in the marriage?

·        What the astrology says? Whether matching the horoscope is relevant, what is the effect of stars in determining the future of marriage.

·        How to adjudge the similarities & nature in them?

·        What are milestones of happy married life?

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