Programmes and Activities

Programmes and Activities:

The Institute will

1.   Undertake skill development and training programme for specified target groups-like Teachers, Mentors, Professors,, Social workers, Social entrepreneurs, political activists, Foreigners in India, Indian in foreign Countries, Employees of public and Private Corporations; Civil servants, Police personnel, Professionals ( Doctors,Lawyers etc.), Business Persons, Civil Societies, Technocrats, and desirous youths, etc.;

2.  Undertake research and advanced studies in different essential areas of Human-Excellence for this the Institute will have well equipped library and resource-center to accommodate most modern educational & research needs;

3.     Organize advanced and short term courses on character building, personality development, Indian culture, and leadership skills, with the objective of transforming the man into a good human being;

4.     Publish research monographs and other instructional material;

5.     Establish regular programs at different academic institution in India and abroad;

6.     Organize workshops, symposia and conferences in the area of value-education to promote academic excellence and work efficiency;


There shall be programs running for different periods of, say, 3 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, and a year. The courses & curricula for different target groups and different periods will be developed differently.


A program will have two parts: academic and regulated living. Each program will have academic modules on ‘basic human values’, ‘Indian values & culture’ and on ‘lives and writings of selected great world personalities’ with their critical contemporary understanding. There shall be modules on adoptable western-values.


Regulated living will entail expert instructions on yoga, including physical & meditational exercises, ideal living style, healthy dietary-practices and Living with nature.


For academic component the method followed will be mostly ‘lecture cum discussion method’ supplemented with seminars and workshops, conducive to self study, personal growth & experience. Some typical courses on Indian-studies, illustratively, may be as follows:


(a)        Ancient India in World History;

(b)        Indian Culture and heritage;

(c)        Indian religious thoughts and sacred texts;

(d)    Selections from writings of Gautam Buddha, Mahabir swami, Dayanand Saraswati, Swami   Vivekanand,, Sri Aurobindo, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Baal Gangadhar   Tilak, Lala Lajpatrai, Dr. Radhakrishnan, and other Indian philosophers

(e)        Some foreign writers on India – ‘The Wonder that India Was’ by A. L. Bhasham

(f)         Comparative Religions (Vedic, Jainism, , Sikhism & Buddhism Christianity, islam Jews,) and their teachings;

(g)        Sanskrit & Indian Literature


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