(A)    Rearing the child

This course imparts comprehensive training and care relating to the child from 0 to 2 yrs. Men's responsibility does not end after giving birth to the child like birds and beasts. In reality, real work starts after giving birth to the child. A babe is completely dependent on its parents. Even its health is completely dependent upon what mothers eat. Hence, it is important to take proper care for comprehensive development of the child. The veil of tendencies of past incarnation and development of the senses gets depicted during infancy. Therefore, during this period the proper care and development of its body, mind and soul is very essential for an ideal human being.


This is the reason that out of 16 sanskaras, 5 sanskaras are performed during infancy. Keeping this in view, HAP has devised this course of rearing the child. This course consists of proper and scientific techniques of care and right living which will reflect in development of human values in the child.

(B)    Parenting

This course is meant for rearing 2-5 years old child by their respective parents. Progression of infant leads to self-performance of some of the tasks by children that demand proper parenting so that their mistakes be rectified and proper guidance is ensured to the children. For this purpose, parents need to understand the psychology of the child.

This course imparts knowledge of various stages of development of child, psychology of child and child's nature and also how to ward off negative tendencies in the child so that he can adopt constructive ways of life. In fact, this course leads to adoption of varieties of ways wherein human values are germinated taking care of child psychology, proper care of children, child's development, child education, moral values, behaviour, conversation skills, yoga and spirituality. Also how to adopt the eternal laws of nature and its applicability through special techniques.


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