Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our MIssion is to undertake, lead, guide and help all institutions, researchers, public/private establishments, and corporations in the areas of Character formation, Value Education, Cultural Understanding and Personality Development of their people. 


Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a world-class Center for serving nationally and internationally, in every way – through research, expertise, publications, and resources – in Human-Values, Indian culture and to uplift the society on the scale of human excellence.


Our Goal

Our main goal is to imbue the young and the educated members of the society with integrity, exemplary character, high human-values, fine culture, strong national pride and nobility, through well structured programs, instructions and training.

The Institute, working for human excellence, will also serve associate institutions and societies in the area of its undertaking. It will engage in improving instructions at different levels – in particular in schools by being a resource to their teachers, administrators & managers - and for other different service areas in corporations and business houses by providing consultancy and expert advice.

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