Focus Area of the Institute

Focus Area of the Institute:  

An important area, where Value-Education is strongly needed, is of young,, the youth and the professionals who after completing  their education wish to enter or have entered into public service, occupying the driver’s seat in economic, social, political, and cultural spheres. They need to be informed, inspired and appropriately guided to become responsible citizens by retaining our good values and by assimilating what is best from other cultures suited to the present phase of professionalism. Human advancement of an individual may perhaps be defined as empowerment of his/her mind and intellect duly informed, inspired and guided to take life with enthusiasm, increased efficiency, firmer commitments, stronger will power for progress towards success and excellence. It is also the path for elevating consciousness, basically to enthuse an individual for growing intellectually and emotionally.


The effect on Participants of Institute’s Programs:

The programs of the Institute may perhaps be called ‘Human Transforming’, in their effect bringing desirable and observable changes in outlook, attitude and functioning of the educated youth. There shall be detailed exposure to universal human values and professional ethics of the contemporary world society. It will deeply enrich with valuable literature and knowledge, developing understanding and appreciation for national customs, traditions, and values with confidence. Those undergoing these programs will feel empowered in their zeal, clear in their goals, feeling peace in mind, soft at heart, committed to their vocation, productive at work, creative, sensible in human relations, disciplined, law abiding, analytical, and socially responsible. Taking to life-long learning, he/she will, through his/her own efforts, advance in chosen fields. These are thus the programs on path for ‘Human Excellence’ –  for an ideal and exemplary life!

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