How to get a Excellent Child

Science of Conceiving

The aim of this course is to prepare the interested couples who want pregnancy to follow and adopt the life style wherein issues at stake during pregnancy are overcome and to establish the human values in the subconscious mind of the embryo. Therefore, following courses are lavished:-

·        Scientific Way of conceiving.

·        Lifestyle of the couples prior to conceiving.

·        Special Assanas & Meditation preparation for Garbhadhan.

·        Garbhadhan Sanskar

·        Counseling & training of motherhood & fatherhood in them.

·        To overcome the problem relating to pregnancy so that mother could have hassle free delivery.

·      To ensure ideal & joyous environment at home wherein emotional, social and spiritual needs of the child are well taken care of.

·        Lifestyle of mother during pregnancy.

·        Guidance of nutrition and diet for mothers during pregnancy.

·        Tensions, fears and excitement during pregnancy could be mitigated by following a special Course for them.

·        Special exercises during pregnancy to be performed.

·        Suggestions regarding material to the conceived mother.

·        To establish human values in the subconscious mind of the embryo through mother.

·        Devising a method for developing mental and emotional needs of the embryo.

·        Specially designed music for balanced development of the embryo.

·        Guidelines for nutritious diet to the mother for the healthy development of the embryo.

·        To establish emotional, mental and spiritual connect of the embryo with the mother.

·     Making Holistic, Harmonious & Blissful home environment which will be instrumental in Emotional, Social & Spritual development of newly born child

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