Crisis of Values

Crises of Values  

Our country has glorious past and record of highest principles of human excellence, based on truth, respect, non-violence, humility, civility and nobility. Our National motto ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (Truth alone prevails), from Mundak-Upanishad, imbues the nation with indomitable strength of truthfulness. Ironically, the present crises – violence, murders, corruption, bribery, scams, terrorism, adulteration, abductions, sexual degradation, exploitation of the weak, cheating, consumerism, deception - in the society are a major national concern. Instead of keeping a touch with spirituality, which is the backbone of Indian culture, there is naked dance of materialism. On one side India is recognized as a major global contributor in the hi-tech field and on the other side our heart starts sinking at the total collapse of ethical system. History provides unfailing evidence that many civilizations at the zenith of prosperity perished due to lack of ethical conduct of their people. Our country with a rich ancient civilization and a modern hi-tech capability then why are there these serious crises? 

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