Work & Life Balance

Life skills and work balance program

The program aims at developing the art of dealing with people and having a work life balance for promoting excellence at work and personal satisfaction.

In corporate India, there is a common focus of every executive to climb up the corporate ladder, to move ahead in the corporate life. This needs a high degree of interpersonal skill and healthy work life balance.

The workshop aims to impart knowledge and practice in the important area of life skills and work life balance so that working professional can integrate successful career and also fulfill personal life.

The program will be useful to the people at all levels in the organization, especially, the management personnel. It would be interactive in nature involving the participants to share their experiences learn from a well-designed module.


The key areas and takeaways will be

·        The origins of imbalance in work life

·        How to overcome the imbalances?

·        Understanding Human nature

·        Listening, agreeing, disagreeing and convincing people

·        Influencing people and creating their images

·        Overcome time and energy imbalances to start changing

·        Balancing work and other commitments


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